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Expert investment advice for British Expats in Spain and those moving to Spain from the UK requiring a wealth management advisory service.

Having the right investments in place is key to securing your financial future as an expat in Spain. Besides your investments being tax efficient care must be taken that these match your return expectations, capacity for loss, time horizon and your overall objective; be that capital appreciation, capital preservation or income generation.

Whether you are saving for the future, growing your assets in preparation for retirement or you are already drawing income from your pension and investments accumulated over your lifetime, our financial advisors can guide you through the options available to you as an expat in Spain.

Our professionally qualified wealth management experts will provide you with a complete investment management service producing a comprehensive report covering all the investments you currently hold, identifying strengths and weaknesses in your portfolio management structure and then using sophisticated tools to measure your tolerance to risk and your capacity for loss. This is essential preparatory work to ensure we have a complete understanding of your investment goals and objectives.

We specialise in portfolio management and provide an investment management advisory service. We tailor investments to your individual requirements and following a thorough risk assessment process we are able to construct a diversified investment portfolio which is aligned to your needs. Our clients can relax safe in the knowledge that we will use our asset management expertise and know how to produce investment proposals that drive long term investment returns. We ensure your investments are being managed properly while you retain ultimate control over any final decisions.

Where we differ from many of our competitors is that our investment planning service provides ongoing and pro-active monitoring and management of your financial assets. Our asset management service does not end after your portfolio has been structured and invested, we will continue to seek and research best investment ideas to recommend to you. Your adviser has the support of a dedicated wealth management team that includes an Investment Analyst and a Risk Manager whilst investment strategies are determined by an Asset Allocation Committee which meets at least once a quarter.

Careful consistent management with regular reviews of your financial assets is essential to ensure your investment goals can be met and you gain the best possible long term returns from your hard-earned capital.

You have spent your life accumulating your capital through hard-work, we are here to help you to protect your assets and gain the best possible long-term returns so you can enjoy your expat life in retirement in Spain with peace of mind.

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