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Retirement Planning

Moving to or living in Spain means taking a fresh look at your pension planning to ensure that you maximise the benefits from any savings that you have accumulated towards your retirement. Your existing arrangements need to be reviewed to take into account your new country of residence and the tax rules that apply in Spain. We are offering you a professional, cross border approach to your retirement planning with a full understanding of both UK and Spanish tax rules that will help you maximise the benefits from your pension planning.

You may well have accumulated retirement assets in a number of different schemes and to make sure you get maximum benefit these all need to be assessed. UK pension legislation is notoriously complicated, has been subject to numerous legislative changes and of course your existing schemes will likely all be sterling based when your base currency has probably changed to become Euro. There is a real opportunity for you to improve your retirement planning by allowing us to review your existing schemes.

As an Expat living in Spain you will have a bewildering number of potential choices in front of you, from maintaining your existing arrangements to transferring your pension to an alternative offshore arrangement. You will be bombarded with information about QROPS, SIPPS, International Pensions and more and if you have previously worked with a UK adviser they will probably not be able to carry on servicing you because they will not be familiar with all of these options and in any case are unlikely to have permission to be able to advise in Spain. Our professionally qualified cross border retirement planners can help you cut through the noise and find the best solution to help you on the way to enjoying a prosperous retirement.

There is no one size fits all solution and expert guidance is required to ensure you find the best solution for your own individual circumstances. We are here to help you make the right choices so that you get the best return from your pension investments and minimise your tax liability wherever possible.

Investment Planning

Having a proper investment strategy in place is key to securing your financial future. Besides your investments being tax efficient in Spain care must be taken that these match your return expectations, capacity for loss, time horizon and your overall objective be that capital appreciation, capital preservation or income generation.

Our professionally qualified investment experts will provide you with a complete investment service producing a comprehensive report covering any investments you currently hold, identifying strengths and weaknesses in your portfolio and then using sophisticated tools to measure your tolerance to risk and your capacity for loss. This is essential preparatory work to ensure we have a complete understanding of your investment goals and objectives.

Where we differ from many of our competitors is that our investment planning service provides ongoing and pro- active monitoring and management of your financial assets. Your adviser has the support of a dedicated team that includes an Investment Analyst and a Risk Manager whilst investment strategies are determined by an Asset Allocation Committee which meets at least once a quarter.

Careful consistent management with regular reviews of your financial assets is essential to ensure your investment goals can be met and you gain the best possible long term returns from your hard- earned capital.

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