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What makes Fiduciary Wealth Management so different in the provision of financial advice for expats in Spain? Image

What makes Fiduciary Wealth Management so different in the provision of financial advice for expats in Spain?

June 22, 2021

Fiduciary Wealth Management is in a unique position to assist with your financial affairs in Spain and give a financial advice for expats in Spain.


Well firstly in a Post Brexit world it provides British nationals in Spain with the comfort and confidence that they have their pensions and investments in a British overseas territory where English law, language and currency prevail. Secondly financial advisors are regulated to British standards. Thirdly it’s the only overseas territory which has been granted access to provide financial services to British nationals in the UK Post Brexit – neither Jersey, Guernsey nor the Isle of Man have that concession.


So what makes us different to other wealth management advisers in Spain?


We are associated to Gibraltar’s longest standing Band 1 law firm established in 1892.


We are a Member Firm of MGI Worldwide a Top 20 ranked and one of the oldest Global Accountancy Networks established in 1947.


This together with our passion for embedding long-term value – is a key differentiator.


We seek to be different through: breadth and depth of advice, investment expertise, fair and transparent pricing and strength of client relationships.


We don’t pay third parties to nominate us for awards and receive industry recognition. We let the quality of our expat financial planning advice and service speak for itself.


We don’t employ commission hungry self- employed financial advisers to sell you; life insurance products with very high commission structures. We are much more interested in developing long term mutually beneficial relationships which put your financial planning needs and financial interests ahead of short-term profit maximization.


We don’t place your pensions and investments in an insurance-based product with ‘Early Encashment Penalties’ to tie you in for 7 or possibly even 10 years. Our clients stay with us because they want to not because they have to and our pricing model is fair and transparent.


We are passionate about serving and positively shaping the wealth of the British Expatriate Community in Spain through cross border financial planning, tax optimization and independent wealth management advice.


Don’t get left behind plan your financial journey with Fiduciary Wealth. Specialists in providing financial planning services for expats in Spain. Give us a call now on +44 207 998 0570 or e-mail enquiries@fwm.gi 



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