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Wealth Management and Financial Advice for British Expats in Spain

September 22, 2023

Navigating Investments, Pensions, and Financial Security with Fiduciary Wealth


For over a decade, Fiduciary Wealth has been at the forefront of the financial services landscape in Spain, ensuring British expats receive expert guidance and protection in their investment journey. We have orchestrated educational seminars that empower you to sidestep the pitfalls of the loosely regulated financial world outside the UK. In a realm where the investment model can often undermine investors, Fiduciary Wealth has stood as a beacon of transparency, diligently safeguarding your financial interests. Here's an imperative checklist to equip you when seeking financial advice in Spain:




Regulation Matters


In Spain, two regulatory bodies hold the reins: the DGS (insurance regulator) and the CNMV (investment regulator). Many financial advisors here hold only the DGS license, leading to the recommendation of unnecessary insurance bonds due to regulatory limitations. Fiduciary Wealth stands apart by holding both DGS and CNMV licenses through an independent EU network.


Genuine Qualifications


Beware of apparent qualifications that may be mere online exams. To provide financial advice in Spain, advisors should be Level 4 or above and registered with the Spanish EFPA. Our advisors meet these rigorous standards, ensuring your financial journey is guided by expertise.


Transparent Fee Structure


We believe in transparency. Our fee-based approach means a clearly defined fee for our services, with no hidden agendas. Unlike commission-based advice that can sneakily accumulate hidden fees, our methodology eliminates the worry of tie-ins and ensures your financial wellbeing.


Unveiling Hidden Fund Fees


Hidden fees lurking within investment funds can erode your returns over time. Fiduciary Wealth is committed to recommending funds with full transparency, ensuring you receive a Key Investor Information Document for each recommended fund, disclosing the total annual cost of holding it.


EU-Based Expertise


Spanish law mandates that your financial advisor must be EU-based with permissions to operate in Spain. Be cautious of UK-based advisors operating in Spain, as this practice ceased to be legal at the close of 2020.


Navigating these complexities alone can be daunting, especially when millions of pounds have been lost due to inadequate financial advice. Whether you're evaluating existing investments or considering new opportunities, seize the chance to consult a Fiduciary Wealth advisor in a complimentary consultation. Our commitment to regulated, qualified and transparent guidance ensures your financial prosperity, saving you from years of stress and potential financial setbacks. Reach out to us through live chat, our enquiry form, or schedule a call at your convenience.


Empower Your Financial Future with Fiduciary Wealth


Elevate your financial journey with Fiduciary Wealth. Our team of qualified advisors stands ready to guide you through wealth management, investments, and pensions in Spain. Harness our expertise to secure your financial future with confidence.


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