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Spanish Residency for Brits Post Brexit Image

Spanish Residency for Brits Post Brexit

August 11, 2021

Now the UK is no longer part of the EU, Brits with homes in Spain have been forced to make a decision – to become resident in Spain or not?


Spanish Residency have been on many British national minds post Brexit.


3rd country requirements mean that Brits can now only spend a maximum of 90 out of every 180 days in the EU. Previously, many Brits in Spain had been living there without becoming Spanish tax resident, living ´under the radar´. With stricter controls now in place, those attempting to do this will be caught and potentially face fines and travel bans.


For those moving to Spain to live, it is important to take professional advice as the taxation system differs greatly from the UK. Our cross border financial planning can provide tax solutions for Brits in Spain to make the change easier for you and leave you time to enjoy the lifestyle that you moved to Spain to enjoy.


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