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Providing investments and wealth management advice to British expats in Spain Image

Providing investments and wealth management advice to British expats in Spain

February 05, 2021

You have probably been told that its ‘time in the market’ rather than ‘timing the market.’ There might be an element of truth in that statement.


There is a possibility you have been advised to keep a long term perspective as markets are by nature volatile. Unfortunately, these are unprecedented times with the most severe economic contraction since records coupled with the most bullish market ever. It’s not just a frothy market its extremely euphoric, detached from economic reality and considerably overvalued. It’s no longer a matter of ‘if’ but ‘when’ the market corrects and it will be brutal.


Make no mistake it can decimate investment portfolios and cause real hardship to people reliant on returns from investments.


In these extremely challenging times, it makes absolute sense to seek a second opinion on your investments. Are you uncomfortable dealing with a single adviser?  Are you worried about the financial consequences of being overly dependent on one financial advisor – here today gone tomorrow?


Are you perhaps slightly disappointed that your current financial adviser is unable to offer the kind of tax led wealth management advice that you seek? You may even be angry that your trusted financial adviser placed your investments in a Spanish Bond and locked you in with early encashment charges for the next 7 or possibly even 10 years?


Are you saddened that your investments are not structured to weather the economic storm? Perhaps you are fearful about stock market volatility and the risk of suffering significant capital losses? Maybe you are just concerned that you have had little or no investment direction from your financial adviser through COVID19?


Whatever the issue is – Wouldn’t you be a lot happier dealing with a long established wealth management firm in Gibraltar with legal and accountancy roots?


For your complete peace of mind in view of the very challenging economic conditions and extremely unpredictable and volatile stock markets we are prepared to review your investment portfolio on a no obligation basis and at no cost to you.



What do you have to lose? Don’t put your lifetime’s capital at risk give us a call today. We provide financial planning and wealth management advice to expats in Spain.