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Financial Advice in Spain – finding a suitable adviser Image

Financial Advice in Spain – finding a suitable adviser

November 03, 2021

Do you already live in Spain or are you planning to move to Spain from the UK and looking for a financial advice?

When reviewing your financial affairs there are many areas to consider and it is important to make sure that you take honest and professional advice. Beware of many Financial advisers based in Spain who are only focused on selling you specific products so they can enjoy commission payments from the product providers which often apply hidden charges, further reducing the value of your assets.

Fiduciary Wealth is very familiar with the needs of Brits in Spain and have been working with expat communities for over a decade, operating on a clear, fully disclosed fee model with an emphasis on building long-term, mutually beneficial relationships.

We can help you organise your finances as you move and settle to live in Spain; our breath of expertise and knowledge in investments and retirement planning will help you to make sure that there are no surprises waiting for you around the corner.

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