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Cash Flow Analysis – Begin with the end in mind Image

Cash Flow Analysis – Begin with the end in mind

January 26, 2021

Have you ever stopped to think about how much capital (including pensions and investments) you require to sustain your current lifestyle in retirement?


Very few of us do. We stumble into retirement without having given any thought to future income requirements. We don’t save enough money to meet our financial goals because we go through life without keeping the end in mind. Then we come across an independent financial advisor that doesn’t properly assess your financial planning needs in Spain. It’s a recipe for disaster. We cannot stress enough the importance of using a cash flow analysis tool which enables you to run cash flow scenarios based on a set of often inexact variables. Our personal financial planning experts take into account;


Your investment Pot

Income Requirements

Expected Investment Return

Anticipated Inflation Rate

Tax Rate

Life Expectancy


We may also factor in the possibility of suffering capital losses on your investments or the need for private medical care sometime in the future.


We could even change the variables – predict a less favourable macro-economic environment and more challenging investment conditions with higher income requirements to determine in a worst case scenario at what age your money would run out.


We offer financial advice for expats in Spain to highest UK Standards. For further information about our cash flow analysis services please contact one of our wealth management advisors via +44 207 998 0570 (UK); +34 951 319 727 (Spain) or e-mail us enquiries@fwm.gi


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