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British Expats in Spain Must Understand the Difference Between a Salesman and a Trusted Financial Adviser

April 25, 2023

British expats in Spain must understand the difference between a salesman and a trusted financial adviser.


Fiduciary Wealth has been shaping the wealth of the British expatriate community in Spain through unbiased tax led wealth management advice since 2007.


Our differences

The company has strong professional connections to a prestigious and well-regarded law firm and a global accountancy network. These relationships reassure clients of our longevity as well as the credibility, integrity and quality of our financial advice.


Legal roots

We are closely associated with Gibraltar’s longest standing, Band 1 law firm, established in 1892.


Global network

We are also a member of MGI Worldwide a top 20 ranked global network of independent audit, tax, accounting and consulting firms with truly global reach – founded in 1947.


Client relationships

We understand the positive benefits of high client interaction and deeper client relationships as well as the importance of engaging in a broader dialogue to provide more client focused solutions.


Client centric advice

We provide fully independent, individually tailored and holistic financial advice.


Why choose us?

We are passionate about helping improve the lives of the expat communities we are so proud and privileged to serve.  


Old fashioned approaches to product and service provision must change, with client demands shifting away from a commoditized transactional offering to a tailored approach.


The British expat community in Spain is fed up of dealing with single-transaction financial advisory groups which purport to offer independent and customized advice but all they do is sell you a Spanish Bond without necessarily embedding any value.


There is a complete lack of trust in financial advisory practices which disguise extremely high commissions, that are often as much as 10%, by tying you into a life insurance product for seven years, through the use of early encashment penalties.


We have built our advice model around full disclosure and best client outcomes. It means our pricing is fair and transparent, fully independent and individually tailored to satisfy your needs.


We focus obsessively on delivering the best customer experience, eliminating complexity and making the product simpler and easier to use, providing more information and guidance to ensure the right purchase decisions, reducing prices and providing great customer service.


We are driven by products. Our mission is to understand our clients’ biggest pains, fears and worries and help them achieve their dreams, aspirations and goals.


We put every ounce of energy into delivering the desired result – serving and embedding as much value as possible.


If you feel you would benefit from a second opinion to eliminate any doubts about your finances or have your existing investments reviewed due to current market conditions which are challenging and volatile – please email enquiries@fwm.gi or call us on Tel: +350 200 50982


Our financial advisers are fully licensed, qualified and regulated to provide financial advice in Spain and across the EU.

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